About Moi

My name is Candice  and I am a writer.

I write stories that pertain to the many more ridiculous-than-a-soap-opera experiences I have lived through and in most cases (cue the horns, please) triumphantly overcome.

Ms. Love n Happiness  is about my attempts to reacquaint myself with two long lost friends; love and happiness.  Here you will read about everything from adoption scandals to runaway brides; knocked up college girls to speed addicted relatives. I write about true love as well as restraining orders. My hope is that you will laugh, maybe shed a single tear and then, realize that there is hope for everyone. After all, as I tell my friends and family: “If I’m not a complete F’ up then you don’t have the right to be one either!”  Out of kindness and embarrassment I have changed some names to protect the not so innocent.

Until my book takes off or I open up my own Detective Agency, I moonlight in the legal field which means I spend a lot of time talking to angry people who want to sue.  I am a single (ish) mom of a rambunctious little boy. I live in Atlanta, where on the weekends you might find my fiancé and I wandering through the aisles of Home Depot with dazed and desperate looks on our faces as we try to navigate the perils of home ownership. You might find me on a playground chasing my ‘lil ginger who is dressed as a super hero, costumes are year round at my house. Or, depending on the week I’ve had, I could be found in a bar racing turtles with my crazy friends.

Love n Happiness? Who would have thought?




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  1. I’m a writer and a reader and also a cynic…or at least I used to be. Becoming a mom has made me “go sweet on life” as you put it (although I still have my moments). Clever title and great blog! Keep up the great writing!

  2. Very clever- and I love your header. -kate


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